Lindbergh Visits New Islip Airport

Airport Leaders Hope Also to Have 'Lone Eagle' as Guest at Opening of Field

An aerial circus featuring many aviation novelties and flying celebrities will mark the official opening of the Islip Airport, on Saturday, August 4, it has been announced this week by the board of directors of the corporation following a meeting of that body held in the offices of Haff & Hubbs, realtors, in Islip on Wednesday evening. It is expected that between 30 and 5O planes of various types will participate in the great aerial program, and that Col. Charles A. Lindbergh will be present as the guest of Charles L. Lawrance President of the Islip Airport and the board of directors, who have tendered him an Invitation to be the guest of honor on that day.

The possibility of Lindbergh's presence are heightened by the fact that he is quite often the guest of Mr. Lawrance at his East Islip summer home, and has already made a personal inspection of the Islip field from the air.
This inspection was made recently with Grover Loening, Nationally know aeronautical manufacturer, upon the request of Mr. L Lawrance while the two were guests of the Inventor of the Whirlwind motor. Both Col. Lindbergh and Mr. Loening were greatly impressed with the Islip field, declaring that it could be made one of the best airports on the Atlantic seaboard.

Should Col. Lindbergh be present at the official dedication of the Islip field on August 4 he will do some "stunt" flying in his famous Ryan plane, and will undoubtedly be called upon to give a brief talk to the assembled aviation enthusiasts.

Among the many features announced by the Board- of Directors of the Islip Airport after Wednesday evening's meeting were a parade through the village to the air field, spot landing contest, wing walking, stunt, flying, races for Curtis, OX5 planes and a demonstration of aviationís, newest experiment, "The Voice the Sky." Following the completion of the aerial program there will be several commercial planes on the field to take up passengers for short 'hops' for a minimum fee.

The following individuals and aviation firms have been invited by the directors to be present with planes and participate in the days program Col. Charles A. Lindbergh, Fairchild Aircraft Corporation, Loening Engineering Corporation, Mr. Campbell of Riverhead, Central Islip Flying Club, Lionell Herrmann of Brightwaters, and many others. Mr. Campbell has six planes with trained pilots and Mr. Herrmann has a plane In which he does considerable flying. Army and Navy aviation bases have also been invited to participate, and it is expected that several service planes will be present to take part in the races and to help conduct the dayís program.

The "Voice from the Sky" will be heard from a three-motored Fokker plane. This stunt is simply talking through a high-powered amplifier in the plane while it is in the air. The voice is magnified so many times that it sounds from the ground as though some giant were talking from the air. By the use of a High-powered amplifier on the ground a conversation may be carried on with a plane in the air even at a distance of several miles.
The day will undoubtedly be the greatest event in the history of Islip, and of Suffolk Countyís progress in aviation. There will be no admission charged to visitors at the airport, but a minimum auto parking fee will be charged for the protection of cars. A request has been made to lieutenant Hagerman, commanding officer of the Bay Shore State Police Station for.

Islip Press 7/19/28