Jules P. Krzenski Collection

Islip Terrace FD Tournament Pics

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All Photo's by and courtesy of Jules P. Krzenski  


Islip Terrace is the final State record holder for combination since the event was retired from the "big eight events" in normal tournaments.
The ladder events seem to be another event long since gone called "dummy", the truck and people race to the arch from the B ladder line, members climb up and the last man receives the "dummy" from the arch and gets to "slide the rails" and carry the "dummy" across the line to stop the clock.
These events still show up at the Islip Town Tournament every couple of years along with motorized replacement, etc.. The Islip Town Tournament is really an historical event in itself.


We need additional info about these pics!! If you know any of the folks in these pics, or the name of the events depicted or any other applicable trivia please email us at eihs@eastislip.org


These pictures are from the Suffolk County Volunteer Firemans' Association Drill, held on July 22, 1967.  


The West Sayville "Flying Dutchmen" won the drill that day with 25 points, Lindenhurst "Snails" were 2nd with 21 points, and Islip Terrace "Schlagers" and the Patchogue "Forty Thieves" tied for third.  The drill was held on Beaverdam Rd in front of the firehouse.  


The events in the photos are :

Efficiency,  Buckets, Motor Hook and Ladder Dummy, Combination Hose & Pump, Combination Hose & Pump

Combination Hose & Pump, Combination Hose & Pump, Buckets, Motor Hook and Ladder Dummy, Motor Hook and Ladder Dummy

Combination Hose & Pump, Motor Pump or Combination Hose & Pump, Motor Hose B or C, Combination Hose & Pump, Combination Hose & Pump


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