MG's Shell Station

Some of you may be old enough to remember when the building opposite the fire house was a Shell station. 

                     L-R Henry Krass, Al Clenaghan, Jerry Kraas, and myself. George Neuslabor in background.

My Dad, Richard C. Adams Sr., operated that garage from 1947 to 1957. 

(The white building on the left was occupied by Anthony Divola, another St. Mary's classmate. Anthony's Father made lawn ornaments and did a land office business to the summer tourist, directly in front of that building.)

Later he moved his business operation to Greenwood Ave. However, the new shop was a Cities Service Station, and seemed very new and  modern at the time. Dad operated that garage for another six years. Later the Shell station was turned into a Dry Cleaners and the Cities Service Station into a hardware store.

Some of you may remember the little Go Kart style vehicle my Dad built for me. 

Richard Adams Jr. in front of Herman's pony rink - 1953

Author in front of Herman's pony rink 1953


Dad also converted a pedal car to run on a battery for my brother Donald. 

Don Adams in front of Herman's Pony Rink - 1953

This car had springs in the front and a Ford starter motor in the back. It seemed to please the crowd when ever Don had it out.

Dad and I are living in Ocala, Florida, and would very much enjoy hearing from old friends. We also have some old pictures and home movies of East Islip during that period. There is some great footage of the big tree down across Montauk Highway at Knapp's lake. Cars were driving under it with just inches of clearance. Also, movies of the town parades in front of the fire house. Strangely enough, we are sadly missing some pictures of the old Shell Station. Maybe someone out there has one?

Warmest regards,

Richard C.Adams,Jr.


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Dick Adams Sr.                Dick and Bill Madden Sr.                 Dick Sr. Today

                                               (Wally Wilricks'40 Ford)