Royal Scarlet Market

  My name is Doug Stadler, I grew up in East Islip. My family owned the Royal Scarlet Market on Main Street in East Islip in the 1950ís and 60ís. My Dad, George Stadler, worked at Bohacks before that. He worked there from 1947 to 1954.  

George Stadler, In front of Bohacks 1950   

Bohacks was, I think, located in the store beneath Foresters Hall next to the old Hardware store that burned down used to be.


Bob Stadler, Dave Short, Joe Voick and George Stadler, Bohacks 1950ís

 My Dad and Dave Short went into business (Royal Scarlet) around 1955. 


Royal Scarlet Market Winter, 1967

  They sold it around 1970. Then it was another food business, then a Deli. The store is split into 2 stores now. You could have your food delivered back then, hereís a shot of my Dad loading up the delivery truck in front of the store.

George Stadler outside Royal Scarlet Market, 1960

  Here is another shot from 1963 of Jim Duggenot, who worked at the Market and was also a mailman; my fathers partner Dave and his son, Dave Jr. The pumpkin on the counter is a clue that it was around Halloween.

  I have a lot of good memories.. the sights and sounds of EI in the 50s & 60s included quiet, salty air in the summer. Nice, friendly people. The Ice Cream man, Knapps lake, Vollbrachts dairy, Garbrino's food store, Toms barber shop, Bernsteins Clothing Store, Fortunatoís Drug Store, Collins Inn (20 cent beers, ha! ha!) East Islip Bank, East Islip High School, (a ton of friends.. loved them all!!!) The Albizo brother's- great people. And an old gangster that lived down on Bayview Ave.

 Doug Stadler 2004

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