Carlisle Estate

This Estate, called 'Rosemary' by the Carlisle's ran from Montauk Hwy on the North side, South fronting Champlins creek to the present day Hewlett School. Then East to present day Dana La, then back North to Montauk Hwy. Present day Adelhaide La. would run right thru the Mansion. There was a kennel for breeding Black Labradors on the property. In Along the Great South Bay Havemeyer says, "It was one of the showplaces of the East and was decorated with the very finest antique furnishings in the most tasteful way."


Mansion House


The former Mary Pinkerton and Jay Carlisle

Aerial View of Estate

Jay Carlisle, Stockbroker and Governor pf the American Stock Exchange during the crash.

Mrs. Carlisle and Labs

Demolished in 1938 after the deaths, 8 months apart, of the Carlisle's. The entire contents of the house was auctioned off by Sotheby Parke Bernet in their first American Auction.


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