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Attention ALL Brookwood Hall Alumni!!

Several of the folks who lived and grew up at Brookwood Hall are trying to put together a written History of the Orphanage. We have gotten several wonderful reminisces thru email so far and are looking to gather more information and pictures. If you attended, or interacted with anyone who attended Brookwood Hall in East Islip please email us with your memories, scan and email or regular mail any photo's you may have and we will gladly copy them and send them back.



OAS Annual Reports


This is a partial listing of the names of residents that could be remembered or of the names we could find.

Abrams, Pat

Adams, Claudette

Albiezo, Domingo. 

Alvis, John

Anagnas, Dennis

Armaos, Catherine

Armaos, Eve

Armaos, James

Atvalya, Toyvo

Bailey, George

Barber, Donald

Barber, Lillian

Barber, Rose

Benbenek, Paul

Benbenek, Raymond

Bogardus, Robert

Boucher, James

Box, Fred

Bran, Elizabeth

Brown, Irene

Bruce, Carl

Cacia, Curtis

Campbell, Dorothy

Campbell, Thomas J.

Chakonas, Ernest

Chakonas, Georgia

Chakonas, James

Chakonas, Paul

Chapman, Robert

Chatten, Robert

Cherveny, Harold

Cherveny, James

Cherveny, John

Cherveny, Otto

Cherveny, Thomas

Clark, Clara

Conklin, Arthur

Conklin, Joan

Conklin, Kathy

Cotto, Joey

Cook, Dafney

Cox, James

Cox, Patricia

Daniels, Bleaker

Davis, Dorothy

Davis, Ray

Dayo, Harold

Dayo, Margaret/Peggy

DeLizzio, Helen

DeManis, Andy

DeManis, James

DeVoe, Peter

DeVoe, Walter

Devlin, Leonard

Donaway, Albert

Donaway, Kathy

Dudley, Albert

Elpheck, Richard

Emerson, Bruce.

Etters, Earl

Evans, Diane

Everett, Nina

Foisset, Edward

Fordham, John

Fowler, Mildred

Frazer, Virginia

Fryer, Arthur

Fryer, Gladys

Fryer, Michael

Gallagher, James

Gordon, Norman

Granniss, John

Granniss, Charles

Granniss, James

Graf, Joseph

Graf, Robert

Haberle, Chris

Hansen, Edna

Hansen, Henry

Hansen, Paul

Harris, Amy

Harris, William

Hatchell, Larry

Hatchell, Ricky

Hennigan, Albert

Hennigan, Marion

Hennigan, Robert

Herron, Marion

Herron, Kathy

Higgins, Damon Gary

Higgins, Merrill

Higgins, Wayne

Howard, Robert

Howell, Arlene 

Howell, Mary 

Howell, Raymond.

Hubbell, Edward

Hubbell, Susan

Hyer, Jerry

John, Carol

Johnson, Anne Marie

Marie Johnson, Keno (Rona)

Johnson, Cora 

Johnson, Joyce

King, Conrad

Kirsten, Olaf

Klein, Rosemary

Kramer, Howard

LaFerla, Denise

LaFerla, Joey

LaFerla, Roger

Lee, Earl

Lobauer, Chiki

Lobauer, Marie

Lobauer, Dorothy

Lobauer, Theodore

Losee, William

MacGregor, Viola

Magerko, Michael

Matchelos, Carol

Matchelos, George

Matchelos, Roy

Maybanks, John

Mays, Ronald

Miller, Edith

Miller, Joan

Miller, John C

Mills, Mildred

Model, Tracy

Moran, Roger

Moscalahales, Steve

Newton, Ida

Newton, Rose

Olsen, Charles

Olsen, Roy

Olsen, Thomas

Omland, Jean

Paulino, Angelo

Penn, Sharon

Perez, Maria

Perez, Michelle

Pitts, Fred

Pitts, Elsie

Plesser, Cheryl

Plesser, Larry

Pollock, Delores

Pollock, Henry

Pollock, Nobel

Potter, Robert

Prichard, James

Quintana, Julio

Quintana, Mary/Molli

Reagan, Gregory

Rivera, Maria

Robinson, Robert

Rodriquez, Mada

Rodriquez, Nadia

Rodriquez, Ramon

Rossiello, James

Saba, Rose

Samuels, Dicen

SanFillippo, Patricia

Scarfo, Joseph

Seaman, John

Seaman, Ralph

Schwabler, Linda.  Schwabler, Nancy

Sicilia, James

Sicilia, Peter

Snyder, Joseph

Squires, Donald

Stelato, Loretta

Stelato, Margaret

Stelato, Martin

Stevens, Norma

Stitt, Richard

Stolz, Jacqueline

Szemko, Barbara

Szemko, Frank

Taylor, Alan

Taylor, Daniel

Taylor, Robert

Taylor, Warren

Taylor, Grace

Thomas, Eugene

Thomas, Lamont

Thomasson, Arthur

Thomasson, Carol

Thomasson, Terry

Thompson, Barbara

Thompson, George

Thompson, Oliver (Bill)

Toulson, Roberta

Truckle, Clement

Van Eyke, Mary

Van Eyke, Henrieta

Van Eyke, Lucas.

Verity, Ruth

Von Roch, Barbara

Von Roch, James

Von Roch, Joyce

Von Roch, Harold

Von Roch, Robert

Von Rock, Rick

Walker, William

Wegener, Jean

Williams, Pat

Wilson, Frederick

Wise, Robert

Young, Joan

Young, Neil

Young, Ronald

Zohlman, Edward

Zohlman, Thomas



Supervisory Staff:

Francis M. Firth, Jason Pettengill Director 1944-1949 (son Jason, daughter Sarah)
Frank Maloney (wife Emily) director 1951-1965
William St. Marie (wife Madeline)
Sev Laliberte (wife Marlaine)
Alice D. Ray
Elsie Hudson
Ms. Reiflin
Ms. Mooney
Ms. Stikes
Mr. Swiss
Ms. Darmstater
Ms. Reagan
Betty Duryea
John the cook (wife Penny)
Ms. Esther (Yeager Riley) Dietician

Francis M. Firth,  Ms. Lloyd, Mrs. Charles H. Scott
Ed Paul the gardener
Jake Froelich (the night watchman)
Elizabeth "Ms. Betty" Berberich
Mrs. C. Lange
Miss E. Pomeroy
Mrs. Elizabeth Culley
Mrs. Mindy Schlicting
Regina Wolpert
Valeria Grieve
E. Gauland
Harry W. Gloth
Florence A. Silver
Mrs. Irma Geier
Miss L. Surrall
Fred Moran