OVERVIEW   A Simple Explanation of a Very Complex Project


The Empire State Carousel Inc. is a non-profit (501-c-3) organization that is dedicated to the creation of a full-size, hand-carved, operating merry-go-round which has been designed around the theme of New York State--its history, traditions and environment.


We live in an age when people are so concerned with where they are going that they tend to forget where they have been.  This carousel is an attractive way to remind New Yorkers of all ages that our Empire State is deeply rooted in an unusually rich and highly diverse past.


This unique museum is being created by volunteer craftspeople from all over New York State.  Numbering over 1000 at this writing, these carvers, quilters, painters and woodworkers have joined together to prove that folk art traditions of the Empire State are alive and well.


The headquarters of this State-wide project is located in East Islip on the grounds of Brookwood Hall in a museum/workshop building which is currently open to the public every Saturday from 10-4.  The completed carousel will be housed in its own new building probably in downtown Bay Shore.  It will be in residence there every year from October through July, and will travel around the State during August and September.


Begun in 1984, the carousel itself is in its final stage of construction.  Presently about 95% complete, it will be finished in the summer 1998.  If its new building can be started by that time, full operation can begin in late 1998.


The project is entirely funded by contributions from individuals, corporations, foundations, associations, and by occasional state, local and federal grants.  We have raised about $500,000, which has been used to create the carousel.  We now need an additional $400,000 to build the museum that will house it.

For more detailed information, write to the 

Empire State Carousel, P.O. Box 565, Islip, N.Y. 11751 or call Gerry Holzmn at (516) 277-6168.

Editor's Note: This article is for Historical purposes only. The address and numbers above are no longer valid and the Carousel has been moved off the property